About this Blog

I created this blog to share with everyone my love for food and films. I have always enjoyed eating whether it is socially or individually, although, there are certainly some foods that are best when eaten with company!

When it comes to film, this is a great way to escape from reality and it helps feed our imagination. Yes, reading a good book will most likely provoke more imaginative thoughts than a movie will but since I have no love of reading I will stick to film, present and past.

I hope through this blog I will be able to pass on what I think is good to eat based on either a review of restaurant, a review of a certain food, or by just uploading a photo of the food or foods I enjoy.  This blog will also hopefully aid those who are in search of an honest and straight to the point movie review. I do tend to stick to your action, science fiction, drama, and horror movie genres so please be aware of this. I like movies that are current as well as those that are from earlier years, so I will hopefully be giving everyone a mixture of reviews that will include both the past and the present.

I honestly do not believe that my blog will be something that everyone will rush home to read or be book marked on an individuals mobile device but I do hope that somewhere out there, there are some people who will find what I have to say and think interesting and will share with me their thoughts on food and film.

I would love to hear from those who read my blog. If you have eaten something that you think is delicious and also think it is something  I would like to try, please comment on my blog telling me what it is so I can try it too. If you have seen a movie and believe that I will like it too, please pass the title of it on to me so I can enjoy it too.

I welcome the exchange of thoughts, comments and advice and by reaching out to you and communicating with you I hope to learn more about what people consider delicious when it comes to eating and what people consider a great film when it comes to movie watching.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

You can also follow me on Twitter. http://twitter.com/b2ru2urself


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